After completing his mandatory service in 2019, fans have been eagerly awaiting Ji Chang-wook’s on-screen appearance. He once again affirmed his star status and his ability to attract attention with his recent return in the lead role of Disney+ The Worst of Evil, a K-drama broadcast on September 27, 2023!

With several successful Kdramas and films under his belt, it’s clear that Ji Chang Wook is one of South Korea’s most acclaimed and popular actors. With his first film, Days, in 2006, where he demonstrated his acting skills and left a lasting impression on audiences, Ji Chang-wook saw his career take off. His remarkable talent and undeniable charm have allowed him to establish himself as a key player in the entertainment industry.

You Stole My Heart Ji Chang-wook

The South Korean actor first played a minor role in You Stole My Heart in 2008, then officially entered the theater scene with Sleeping Beauty later that year. However, his popularity increased thanks to his portrayal of Ta Hwan in the K-drama Empress Ki in 2013, which earned him wide recognition. Viewers were immediately captivated by his ability to bring complex characters to life and his compelling screen presence, which made him a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Audiences have since been captivated by Ji Chang Wook’s exceptional versatility and the depth he brings to his roles in K-dramas.

It’s the perfect time to reflect on his remarkable career and look back at his most notable performances while looking forward to his latest project. Ji Chang-wook has always proven that he is a remarkable actor with a bright future, both in his debut and in his recent exploits. Audiences remain captivated by his undeniable talent and princely looks, and it is evident that Ji Chang-wook will continue to leave a lasting impression in the world of K-dramas.

There’s nothing stopping us from looking back at Ji Chang Wook’s best performances in K-dramas and films during his career. Without delay, here is 7 of the best Ji Chang-wook series to watch now!

  • Backstreet Rookie (2020)


  • Starring: Ji Chang-wook, Kim You-jung, Han Sun-hwa, Do Sang-woo, Kim Sun-young, Park Jung-woo, Ahn Sol-bin, Kim Min-kyu

Directed by Lee Myung-woo, the K-drama titled Backstreet Rookie takes us on a journey through the unique and intriguing dynamic between Dae-hyun (played by the talented Ji Chang-wook), a charming but awkward store manager, and Saet-byeol (played by Kim You-jung), an unpleasant employee.

The character Dae-hyun, in this heartwarming South Korean series, is portrayed as an endearing and slightly awkward nice guy who always strives to keep his store running smoothly. Ji Chang-wook displays exceptional talent in his portrayal of Dae-hyun, capturing the character’s restless nature and the budding romance between the two leads. Viewers can’t help but fall in love with her charm and endearing character because her facial expressions and nuanced acting give depth and authenticity to the character.

Widely regarded as Ji Chang-wook’s funniest and most comedic TV series, Backstreet Rookie provides plenty of laughs and entertainment for K-drama fans around the world. Viewers are just captivated by the well-developed plot, which follows the ups and downs of Dae-hyun and Saet-byeol’s relationship, but also the challenges and exploits of running a store in a struggling city. full effervescence.

Expect to be entertained and captivated by the chemistry between the talented cast and the heartwarming story that unfolds in this exciting series.

  • Healer (2014)
7 Ji Chang-wook K-dramas to watch if you're a fan of the actor K-Selection
  • Starring: Ji Chang-wook, Park Min-young, Yoo Ji-tae, Kim Mi-kyung, Oh Gwang-rok, Do Ji-won, Woo Hee-jin, Taemi, Jo Han-chul

Revolving around web journalist Chae Young-shin (Park Min-young) and “healer” Seo Jung-ho (Ji Chang-wook), who embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of an old case, Healer is an action mystery series that follows the lives of journalists in which we find a perfect blend of talented actors, captivating storyline, irresistible chemistry and well-executed action scenes.

Playing Seo Jung-ho, a complex character who is both intense and witty in Healer, Ji Chang-wook shows his versatility throughout the story, moving easily from being a fierce fighter at night to becoming a ordinary man by day. His role as Jung-ho captivates the audience with a wide range of emotions, effectively bringing out the character’s inner struggles and arousing audience empathy for his experiences.

Not only is this series marked by exceptional chemistry between the actors, but Ji Chang-wook’s on-screen presence also gives it depth and intensity. As for his portrayal of Jung-ho, it highlights his exceptional acting skills and his ability to bring a multi-dimensional character to life.

Fans of Ji Chang-wook will definitely want to watch Healer, whose captivating performance throughout the TV series is sure to appeal to them.

  • The K2 (2016)
The K2
  • Starring: Ji Chang-wook, Lim Yoona, Song Yoon-a, Cho Seong-ha, Lee Jung-jin, Kim Kap-soo, Shin Dong-mi, Son Tae-young, Lee Jae-woo

Directed by the talented Kwak Jung-Hwan, the series The K2 stars Ji Chang-wook who plays Kim Je-ha, a former officer turned bodyguard of Ko An-na (Yoona), the illegitimate daughter of a prominent candidate for president. This is an action-packed and heartwarming love story that is sure to take viewers on an exhilarating roller coaster ride.

Ji Chang-wook’s portrayal of Kim Je-ha, a man of unwavering integrity and virtue, is just perfect throughout the series. Although his muscular physique and strong presence exude an air of confidence and determination, behind this tough exterior lies a compassionate side, particularly towards victims of wrongdoing. As the story progresses, we can witness the gradual transformation of his character, which gradually reveals a softer side and his emotions become more evident, especially when he falls deeply in love with An-na.

There are no other words to describe Ji Chang-wook’s performance in The K2 other than simply mesmerizing. His way of bringing Kim Je-ha to life is done with ease while captivating the audience with his nuanced interpretation and his impeccable acting skills. Between intense action scenes and sincere moments of vulnerability, his acting register shines, plunging spectators into emotion.

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with suspense, romance and unwavering determination, as Kim Je-ha navigates the complex world of politics and love.

  • Empress Ki (2013)
Empress Ki
  • Starring: Ji Chang Wook, Ha Ji-won, Joo Jin-mo, Baek Jin-hee, Kim Jung-hyun, Kim Young-ho, Choi Moo-sung, Kim Seo-hyung

A thrilling historical K-drama, Empress Ki immerses us in the captivating journey of Seung-nyang, a woman who bravely disguises herself as a man to navigate the treacherous world of politics, wars, love and death in the aim to ascend the throne as empress of the Yuan dynasty.

Directed by the talented Han Hee and inspired by the real-life Empress Ki, this spellbinding show delves into the complex plot and character development of Ji Chang-wook, who plays Ta Hwan, the Emperor of the Yuan dynasty, initially weak and puny.

Initially introduced as a simple figurehead who finds comfort in his wealth and crown while being perceived as a worthless individual, Ta Hwan’s character is brought to life throughout the story thanks to Ji Chang-‘s exceptional performance. wook which gives it a remarkable evolution. His unfailing precision captures the stark contrast between Ta Hwan’s initial vulnerability and his final metamorphosis into a more mature and dignified emperor.

Playing Ta Hwan in Empress Ki, Ji Chang-wook showcased his remarkable ability to portray the character’s complex emotional changes and different personalities, which helped him achieve a milestone in his career. Viewers are enticed by Ji Chang-wook’s subtle nuances and captivating performance, which immerses them in Ta Hwan’s fascinating world and leaves a lasting impression.

  • Lovestruck in the City (2020)
Lovestruck in the City couple
  • Starring: Ji Chang-wook, Kim Ji-won, Kim Min-suk, So Ju-yeon, Han Ji-eun, Ryoo Kyung-soo, Lee Sang-woo, Park Jin-joo, Minho

Directed by Park Shin-Woo, Lovestruck in the City is a contemporary romantic drama about urban life featuring the intertwined lives of six people. The central character is Park Jae-won (played by Ji Chang-wook), an architect whose pure heart and passionate nature immediately appeals to viewers.

Through the character of Park Jae-won, Ji Chang-wook plays a hopeless romantic who cannot forget the woman he fell in love with at first sight. Sincere and unwavering in his quest for love, his character is very endearing to the public. Ji Chang-wook’s exceptional acting skills allow him to skillfully portray the emotions of someone deeply in love, leading viewers to cheer him on in his efforts to win back the love of his life.

The plot of Lovestruck in the City is not only gripping but also highlights the efforts of Park Jae-won who desperately tries to win back his lost love. By perfectly embodying the essence of his character, Ji Chang-wook allows viewers to become emotionally invested in his journey.

  • The Sound of Magic (2022)
Netflix Confirms Its Original Kdrama The Sound of Magic Starring Ji Chang Wook, Hwang In Yeop and Choi Sung Eun
  • Starring: Ji Chang-wook, Choi Sung-eun, Hwang In-yeop, Ji Hye-won, Kim Bo-yoon, Oh So-hyun, Jo Han-chul, Go Ae-ri

The participation of many stars, including Ji Chang-wook, Choi Sung-eun and Hwang In-yeop, made The Sound of Magic on Netflix a moving musical drama that attracts attention. One of the most anticipated dramas of 2022, and often considered one of Ji Chang-wook’s best works, it tells the story of Yoon A-yi (Choi Sung-eun), a high school student who faces challenges. challenges, and who meets a mysterious magician named Ri-eul (Ji Chang-wook) in an abandoned park.

In the series, the character of Ri-eul, a magician with a childish and cheerful attitude who brings comfort to A-yi through his magic tricks, while hiding a complex past beneath his cheerful facade is played by Ji Chang -wook. The Korean actor displays exceptional acting talent by skillfully portraying Ri-eul’s internal conflicts and concealing her true emotions, thus presenting a multi-faceted character.

Sometimes in an intense scene where he confronts someone, sometimes in the moments where he mourns the loss of his beloved parrot, Ji Chang-wook’s performance demonstrates that he is a master in the art of conveying emotions.

In The Sound of Magic, Ji Chang-wook gives his fans the opportunity to discover his extraordinary talent and emotional register, which combines a charming story, captivating expressions and a touch of childhood innocence. The actor demonstrates his versatility and mastery of his craft through the character of Ri-eul.

  • The Worst Of Evil (2023)
7 Ji Chang-wook K-dramas to watch if you're a fan of the actor K-Selection
  • Starring: Ji Chang-wook, Wi Ha-joon, Lim Se-mi, Bibi, Woo Kang-min, Gyul Hwi, Im Sung-jae

Directed by the talented Han Dong-wook and written by Jang Min-seok, The Worst of Evil immerses you in a thrilling and gripping detective series that stars Ji Chang-wook as officer Park Jun-mo and Wi Ha-joon as enigmatic DJ-turned-chef Jung Gi-cheul, and finally Lim Se-mi as security guard Yu Eui-jeong. Following the spread of a powerful new recreational pill that wreaks havoc in the heart of Seoul’s bustling neighborhoods, agent Park Jun-mo embarks on a dangerous mission to infiltrate the group responsible for its distribution. As the investigation descends into the twists and turns of trafficking between South Korea, China and Japan, Park Jun-mo finds himself confronted with perilous challenges and significant risks.

It’s not just Park Jun-mo who finds himself facing important challenges, but also his wife, Yu Eui-jeong. She finds herself embroiled in the same investigation, which adds a layer of complexity and personal issues to their journey. The two then navigate the treacherous world of corruption together, determined to bring justice and dismantle the organization responsible. The Worst of Evil, streaming exclusively on Disney+, promises to deliver an intense and gripping storyline that will leave you eager for more.

Viewers will be captivated by the charismatic characters, the exceptional performances of Ji Chang-wook, Wi Ha-joon and Lim Se-mi, and the masterful direction of Han Dong-wook. It’s a rollercoaster ride of suspense, action and intrigue that shouldn’t be missed.

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