It’s the climb before the fall this week on “Wedding Impossible” as Lee Ji Han (Moon Sang Min) and Na Ah Jung (Jeon Jong Seo) take a massive leap into the unknown. With long-buried secrets out in the open, the two are at a loss on how to navigate the new turns their lives are taking and try to escape it all for a bit. But with enemies watching their every move, it’s only a matter of time before everything they’ve been trying to hide comes out, and when it does, the fallout isn’t pretty. Here’s every time our main trio faced an impossible tangle this week!

Note: spoilers for episodes 9-10 below.

1. When Ji Han and Ah Jung couldn’t relax


The sad thing is that there’s no post-glow kiss-induced joy on either of Ah Jung’s or Ji Han’s faces. Both of them are nervous, preoccupied with how they’re going to face what this new relationship means. Both of them are forthright in that this changes everything. Ah Jung can’t marry Lee Do Han (Kim Do Wan) after this, and Ji Han has no intention of hiding the truth from his brother. But these are two individuals who have only ever lived for themselves in the most minute of ways and feel guilty for even daring to do so. Ah Jung has regretted her acting career for a long time because it prevented her from buying her parents everything a filial child was supposed to do under social norms. And Ji Han has lived within the rigid confines of LJ Group’s familial hierarchy, trying to make his grandfather Hyun Dae Ho (Kwon Hae Hyo) proud for years, all while dodging Choi Seung Ah’s (Park Ah In’s) attacks. So, to live for themselves and run free with their feelings when they know their families will disapprove feels selfish.


They resolve to be selfish for just one day, then it’ll be back to the real world and consequences afterwards. And that single day is the cutest thing. They hop on a bus and go as far as they can, watching the sunrise at a beach, having breakfast, and dressing not as a chaebol or chaebol daughter-in-law-to-be but as a young couple on a date.


It’s quiet and peaceful and shows how well they work together as a couple despite their differences. It ends all too soon, and it’s time to face Do Han. Ji Han asks Ah Jung for time because he still needs to be sensitive to Do Han’s needs now that he and Do Han both know that he’s gay. Ji Han’s actually super sweet and open here. He’s fully prepared to throw everything away for Ah Jung, and while she feels the same way, she can’t help but worry at the most explosive secret she’s keeping from him: that her and Do Han’s marriage is fake.

2. When Ah Jung couldn’t come clean about the fake marriage

While Ji Han’s living in a makjang where he’s now dating his sister-in-law (well, not anymore), Ah Jung’s living in a hell of her and Do Han’s making. She needs out of this fake marriage, but she can’t betray Do Han’s confidence because she can’t out him from the closet to Ji Han. There are so many secrets going around at this point that it’s only inevitable that one of them comes out, and it’s Ji Han and Ah Jung’s fledgling relationship that’s unveiled first. Sleazy reporter Kang Ik Joon (Shin Moon Sung) hands over some pictures he snapped of them kissing to Seung Ah who is delighted at the ammunition and wastes no time waving it to Do Han’s face.

He’s shocked, but for a completely different reason than she thinks. And Ah Jung’s on pins and needles as is, so when Do Han calls her over, she goes, prepared to come clean. But she never gets her chance. Do Han’s incredulous that she would do this without a word to him and go this far without Ji Han when Ji Han doesn’t even know of the fake marriage. It feels like a betrayal by both the friend he loves and who had promised to see this marriage through and the brother he loves who just threw him away for his fiancée and who keeps calling him selfish and acting like he’s “running away” when Do Han’s just scared for his life in a homophobic society.

Ji Han arrives in time to hear Do Han say the words “fake marriage,” and it’s game over. Everything’s out in the open, and everyone’s disappointed in each other. That’s sort of the beauty and genuinely fun part of this show. Its characters are messy, flawed, foolish people in very real ways. And now those mistakes have come back to haunt them. Ji Han’s upset with Ah Jung for lying to him and upset with Do Han for placing her in an impossible position by always running away. Ah Jung feels like the worst person imaginable. Do Han feels like no one is in his corner. They’re all right and all wrong. What a mess.

3. When Do Han saw no other way out but to keep up the charade

Living as a closeted gay man is a painful thing in a society that shuns your very existence. So, it’s somewhat understandable that Do Han tries to strong-arm Ah Jung into continuing the marriage. She’s heartbroken at what her and Ji Han’s relationship has cost them all but refuses. She’s going to protect him and Ji Han as much as she can. Things don’t get better when Do Han goes over to Jung Dae Hyun’s (Shin Yong Beom’s), his ex’s, place, and Dae Hyun admits that he outed him to Ji Han. Worse, Ik Joon has been sniffing around him too.

Do Han nearly loses his mind hearing that and believes that Seung Ah probably knows that he’s gay. But Dae Hyun just looks hurt. He says he’s tired of being accused of stuff he didn’t do. He didn’t give the reporter anything, just like he wasn’t behind sabotaging Do Han’s art studio. If anything, this whole time, he’s held lingering feelings for Do Han mixed with pain at how their relationship ended. Do Han doesn’t believe him, of course (but Dae Hyun doesn’t seem to be lying). Dae Hyun points out that what he’s doing right now by hiding behind Ah Jung is incredibly cowardly. There’s that word again, which really doesn’t make sense. It strikes a nerve in Do Han and seems to be gaslighting him into thinking that he really is a coward.

4. When Ji Han didn’t know how to placate Seung Ah

On the other hand, Ji Han’s about to grovel. The second he learns that Seung Ah had incriminating photos of him and Ah Jung, he swallows his pride and kneels before her. Ah Jung would beg him to stop if she saw this, but Ji Han wasn’t lying when he said that he’d throw away everything for her. The man is very serious, and as much as it stings to see Seung Ah gloating and giggling that LJ is all hers now like a vindictive cat, he cares about Ah Jung more.

He and Ah Jung make up sweetly after their fight at Do Han’s. And what’s nice about these two is that they don’t call time on their relationship for this but wait through each other processing their emotions. But perhaps it’s too soon to speak because another hurdle rears itself immediately. Seung Ah’s been targeting the CEO seat at LJ, but she’s also been after the truth of her mother’s death from the start. And when her grandfather denies to her and vows that she’ll never have LJ, she goes nuts and releases the pictures of Ah Jung and Ji Han to the media. And just like that, the truth is out.

5. When the truth came out

Ah Jung deals with the media furor calmly. She expected the shoe to drop at some point, and she’s just relieved that it’s not Ji Han dealing with the madness. She admits everything to her family and weathers their disappointment and fury while Ji Han does the same. Neither can exonerate themselves without outing Do Han, so both take the resulting recriminations and hate comments in silence. They make time to see each other, and Ji Han vows to fix everything, saying that he won’t be the first to let go of Ah Jung’s hand (that sounds seriously ominous).

Meanwhile, Seung Ah is ecstatic. And Do Han hates it all. He asks Ah Jung why she isn’t outing him and saving herself, but Ah Jung says she’s going to keep her word and protect them both. He reminisces of their years in high school when she’d been his beard back then and mused that if she ever had to pick between love and friendship and things got hard, that she would rather the people she was picking between stayed by her side so she could get through it. So, Do Han makes a very difficult decision and schedules a press conference to reveal that he’s gay (I’m so worried for him!) but…there’s no one there. Only his grandfather is sitting there, who wearily turns to him and asks why he just couldn’t keep “it” under wraps. Oh?

In another press conference room, Ji Han takes the stand and tells the press that everything about his relationship with Ah Jung is real but that none of it is her fault. He takes all the blame, saying that he pursued her. And Ah Jung watches him at home, in tears.

Ouch. The fallout was always going to be bad purely because of what a mess the relationship between our three leads has been, but adding Seung Ah to the equation ruined everything. But good old granddad isn’t looking so good at the moment. He seems to have known that Do Han was gay from the start and still sought to forcibly marry him to Yoon Chae Won (Bae Yoon Kyung). That’s just disgusting. Not only was he running roughshod over Do Han’s reluctance to run the company but also his orientation? Yikes. And just what is he hiding about his daughter’s death to act so shady when Seung Ah brings it up? Whatever answers Seung Ah’s hoping to get, she’s probably going to wish she didn’t.

Next week shows Ji Han and Ah Jung seemingly breaking up. It’s either going to be a tired third-act farewell and reunion at the end of the drama (which is so trite! Noo!), or we’ll get something devastating on the mysterious car accident that’s hung over Ji Han’s family for so long. Perhaps it’s something that might even have Seung Ah switching sides if the family she’s covered for ends up being the bad guys and ones whose lives she’s ruined are the victims. Onward to the finale next week!

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