Chuseok is a magnificent celebration rooted in Korean tradition. It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect and reconnect with family and immerse yourself in the warmth of Korean culture. Nothing illustrates this better than the poignant and creative narratives presented in family K-dramas.

As we celebrate this occasion, why not dwell on the captivating world of K-dramas? Gather your family and embark on a journey with these K-drama recommendations, rekindling love, awakening emotions, and deepening your understanding of Korean traditions.

1- Reply 1988

5 K-dramas to watch with your family K-Selection

“Reply 1998” is a captivating K-drama that chronicles the extraordinary lives of ordinary people living in a tight-knit neighborhood. This drama, set in an era when rotary telephones and mixed tapes were commonplace, revolves around five families living on the same street, highlighting their intertwined lives and interactions. At the heart of this K-drama are the coming-of-age stories of five friends who grew up together. They lived a life overflowing with laughter, tears and the warmth of days gone by.

This drama is close to the heart, exploring this beautiful web of everyday moments and milestones. It’s about growing up with friends who become family and discovering extraordinary stories in ordinary lives. But what’s special about this story is that you’ll find yourself constantly guessing the identity of the female heroine’s husband throughout the series, a mystery only revealed in the final episodes.

So why not travel to a charming era in South Korean history with “Reply 1988′? It’s a trip down memory lane filled with enduring friendships, silently blossoming loves, and nostalgia that will warm your heart. It’s perfect to make your Chuseok celebration even more memorable.

2- 18 Again

5 K-dramas to watch with your family K-Selection

Discover the life of Hong Dae-young with “18 Again”, a K-drama that combines family, love, comedy and a touch of magic. At 37, on the verge of divorce and struggling with life’s challenges, Dae-young longs for a chance to rewrite her past decisions. And then, miraculously, he gets exactly that, a second chance at youth by transforming into his 18-year-old self. He uses this opportunity to reconnect with his children, who are unaware of his true identity, and guide them through the challenges of adolescence.

This K-drama is an ideal choice to watch during Chuseok due to its exceptional concept of heartwarming family storytelling. It features captivating characters and a mix of humor and romance, making it more than just a drama. It’s a social commentary that balances light-hearted moments with profound lessons, providing a positive, thought-provoking atmosphere.

3- Our Blues

5 K-dramas to watch with your family K-Selection

“Our Blues” weaves tales of love, ambition and resilience in a way that will touch your heart. The K-drama takes place in a bustling city where dreams and despair coexist. Meet Lee Dong Seok: a humble man from the beautiful village of Jeju, selling goods from his trusty truck. His life takes a fascinating turn when he meets Jeju newcomer Min Seon-A, a woman whose past is shrouded in mystery. And then there’s Choi Han Su, who finds himself crossing paths with his first love, Jung Eun-Hui, the dynamic owner of a local fishing store.

Add this series to your “best K-dramas” list if you’re looking for a heartfelt exploration of life’s ups and downs, laughter and tears, and the deep bonds that keep a family together. It’s a story about the strength of love, the power of community, and the resilience of the human spirit. What more ?

4- Hi Bye Mama

5 K-dramas to watch with your family K-Selection

Have you ever thought about what it might be like when a life gets a second chance? If yes, then immerse yourself in the enchanting world of “Hi Bye, Mama!” » where life, the afterlife and the indestructible bonds of love collide in a moving story that will make you feel emotions.

Cha Yu-ri was once a loving wife and mother, but tragically, she died in a car accident. For five years, she exists as a ghost, watching over her husband, Jo Kang-hwa, and their young daughter, Jo Seo-woo, from the afterlife. Meanwhile, her husband remarried and moved on with his life, trying to give their daughter a sense of normalcy. This K-drama shows the journey of laughter, tears and deep emotions as we delve into the poignant story of Cha Yu-ri, who longs to be part of her family’s world again.

5- Dr. Cha

5 K-dramas to watch with your family K-Selection

Get ready to meet Cha Jeong-suk, the inspiring woman at the heart of “Dr. Cha.” She’s been a supermom for the past two decades, juggling a distant husband, a son who just started his surgical residency, a strong-willed teenage daughter, and an unfriendly mother-in-law. But it wouldn’t be a K-drama without an incredible twist! Well, after years of putting his family first, Jeong-Suk embarks on a journey of self-discovery. She asks herself the big questions: What brings her joy? What fulfills her? Is there more to life than just running a household?

The path to personal fulfillment is no walk in the park, however. Jeong-suk struggles with mom guilt, faces the anger of his mother-in-law who misses her effective management skills, attempts to reconnect with her distant husband, and tries to understand her rebellious daughter. “Dr. Cha” is not just a K-drama, it is a testimony of every woman who has ever balanced family duties with her dreams. It’s a story of strength, determination and a mother’s unwavering love. So this Chuseok, watch Jeong-suk persevere through the storms of life and find his happiness.

Chuseok is the perfect time to delve into Korean culture through K-dramas. From “Reply 1988” to “Hi Bye Mama,” each show offers a unique experience. So, gather your loved ones and start your Daebak family’s recommended K-drama marathon. It’s time to celebrate this harvest festival with laughter, tears and unforgettable stories. Grab your remote, press play, and let the magic of Korean storytelling begin!

Which K-drama would you add to this list?