Boys Be Brave!” is already nearing its final episodes! A lot has happened in so little time, and things have certainly gotten interesting with the two main couples and a potential new love interest. Though this drama has mostly been a cute, lighthearted story about crushes, confessions, and young love, episodes 5 and 6 revealed that the show has a serious, emotional side too.

Here are four teary moments from episodes 5 and 6 that’ll definitely make you reach for tissues.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

1. Choi Balgeum’s confession

In a previous episode, Choi Balgeum (Jeong Yeo Jun) agreed to meet his estranged high school boyfriend Ji In Ho (Ahn Se Min), who suddenly returned from the States. This week, the show revealed more on why the two parted during an emotional confession.

While at a restaurant, In Ho gifts Balgeum a 500,000 won smartwatch (that’s about $366!) right after Balgeum nervously checks a restaurant coupon he has on his phone. Balgeum had been secretly trying not to spend too much all day, so reality hits him when In Ho casually gives him such an expensive gift. To make matters worse, the dinner ends up closing more than Balgeum’s coupon, so In Ho covers the bill. Even though it looks like In Ho doesn’t mind at all, Balgeum is clearly hurt by their differences.

This all accumulates on Balgeum’s shoulders, and he breaks down while they walk home. Teary eyed, he explains that this is why he couldn’t be with In Ho before. This also answers the question of why Balgeum has so many jobs. Coming from a poor family, he works so much to make ends meet and not feel bound by his past. Balgeum confesses that he still likes In Ho, but he doesn’t think they could ever work because he constantly feels embarrassed when with him.


2. Kang Hye Jin confronting Ki Sub

On the main couple front, Kang Hye Jin (Jung Yoo Hyeon) briefly entered the picture a few episodes back as a potential competitor for Jin Woo’s heart. Jin Woo had an adorable meet-cute moment with Hye Jin at the school library. He was shocked to see that she matched his ideal type from head to toe, just like he matched her ideal type.

Last week ended on a cliffhanger, with Jung Ki Sub (Nam Si An) snatching Jin Woo away from Hye Jin and running away. In the most recent episodes, it was revealed that Hye Jin had been at odds with Ki Sub ever since he dated some of the people she cares about in a half-hearted way. And Hye Jin isn’t afraid of speaking up—in fact, she’s already confronted Ki Sub about his two-timing ways before (a bat was involved).


When she finds out that Ki Sub may have a relationship with Jin Woo, she confronts him while he’s covering for Balgeum at work. She causes a scene while telling him to just leave Jin Woo alone, making sure the crowd watching knows Ki Sub is a cheater.

Maybe her methods weren’t right, but it seems like she’s really just trying to protect Jin Woo from being hurt as she and her friends have been. When she tells Jin Woo what she’s done, she also admits she was wrongly taking out her frustration and pain on Ki Sub. She was really just hurt about not having the courage to confess to the people she liked.

Be that as it may, it’s still heartbreaking to see Ki Sub’s feelings get hurt, no matter what he has done in the past. Unlike Hye Jin, viewers know about his past and his complicated mindset of liking someone. Along with always being told he could never sincerely like someone by his exes, flashbacks of Ki Sub’s childhood also show why he is so inclined to say “yes” and be a people-pleaser.


3. Ki Sub gives up on Jin Woo

After Hye Jin confronts Ki Sub, Jin Woo meets Hye Jin again at the park swing set, and they have a heart-to-heart. At the same time, Ki Sub has realized his true feelings for Jin Woo and is on his way to meet him when he sees the two together. Ironically, in that same moment Jin Woo confesses to Hye Jin that he has always liked Ki Sub, but to Ki Sub, it looks like the two are in a relationship.


To add to the miscommunication, moments before, Ki Sub finds the small doll (a mini replica of himself) that he gave to Jin Woo abandoned on the street. Jin Woo accidentally drops it earlier, but Ki Sub gets the wrong idea. Jin Woo parts with Hye Jin and is on his way to confess to Ki Sub when he finds his home empty. A note left by Ki Sub says he’ll stop trying to get Jin Woo to confess.


4. Jin Woo and Ki Sub reuniting

With Ki Sub’s sudden change of heart, Jin Woo decides to try to move on too, but for obvious reasons, he has a hard time. After a short but painful time apart, Ki Sub ends up at Jin Woo’s family home, and Jin Woo rushes home in search of him. At the train station, they reunite and share their first real hug as they’re overcome with emotions. They both wanted to confess a long time ago, but the bad timing and miscommunication kept them from being honest with each other at the most important moment.


Whether they’ll stick with being friends or finally confess to each other and become a couple will remain a mystery until the final episodes, but the outlook is good!

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