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30,000 fans attend SHINee’s 16th anniversary concerts in Incheon

Boyband SHINee wrapped up their three-day encore concerts over the weekend with a total of 30,000 fans in attendance to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the band’s debut.

The “SHINee World VI ‘Perfect Illumination: SHINee’s Back’” encore concert series was held at the Inspire Arena in Incheon from Friday to Sunday. The concerts also celebrated the 16th anniversary of the band, which was on Saturday.

SHINee performed hits such as ‘Clue + Note’ (2012), ‘Lucifer’ (2010), ‘Dream Girl’ (2013), ‘Good Evening’ (2018), ‘Don’t Call Me’ (2021), ‘Ring Ding Dong’ (2009), ‘Everybody’ (2013), ‘View’ (2015), ‘Replay’ (2015) and ‘Love Like Oxygen’ (2008), as well as Japanese songs ‘Diamond Sky’ (2016) and ‘Colors of the Season’ (2014).

SHINee also performed songs from their 2023 full-length album ‘Hard’, including the title track, ‘Satellite’, ‘Identity’, ‘Like It’, ‘Juice’ and ‘The Feeling’. The encore was filled with songs such as “Juliette” (2009), “1 of 1” (2016) and “Why So Serious?” (2013).

LED equipment used during SHINee’s Tokyo Dome concerts in February was upgraded and used for the Incheon concert, combined with aerial stages, moving stages and light shows synchronised with fan light sticks. SM Entertainment’s performance director Hwang Sang-hoon was in charge of organising the performances.

“Thank you for bringing us to where we are now,” SHINee said to their fans. “We are here because of you. We will definitely repay you for your support.

SHINee 샤이니 ‘HARD’ MV

SHINee 샤이니 ‘Atlantis’ MV

SHINee 샤이니 ‘JUICE’ Performance Video

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