The wait is over! “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” is here. While the first season was popular because of its great cast, mind-boggling story, and numerous twists and turns, Season 2 is no different. The second season will depict the counterattack of the seven people, who returned from hell, against new evil that held hands with Matthew Lee (Uhm Ki Joon). Here are three things we loved and three things we hated about episodes 1 and 2 of “The Escape of the Seven” Season 2.

Warning: spoilers for the premiere episodes ahead!

Loved: Da Mi’s revenge

When the first season of “The Escape of the Seven” started, this show was advertised as a story about a girl named Bang Da Mi (Jung Lael), who was involved in the bobble incident. Even though we did not know what the bobble incident was or how the main characters were connected to it, the K-drama description implied that throughout this story, Da Mi would be avenged. And that’s how the K-drama was going until the plot derailed and became entirely about K and his revenge.

However, episode 1 of Season 2 starts with a videotape of Da Mi, making it seem like a promise from the creators indicating that the story is coming back to where it started from and that she will be avenged in Season 2.

Hated: Da Mi’s speech

In the premiere episode, we see a clip of Da Mi’s murder. In that clip, Matthew Lee, aka K (Uhm Ki Joon), threatens Da Mi to kill her; he has a huge smile on his face and is enjoying mentally torturing Da Mi before killing her.

In her last moment, Da Mi delivers a speech, forgiving her mother Geum Ra Hee (Hwang Jung Eum) and says she understands why Ra Hee did what she did. One of the reasons why this speech was added could definitely be to somewhat redeem Ra Hee’s character as she will be the one avenging Da Mi in Season 2. However, Ra Hee not only abandoned Da Mi when she was young but also came back years later and took her from her loving foster parents and used her to extract money from Da Mi’s grandfather CEO Bang (Lee Deok Hwa). Ra Hee also did not help Da Mi clear her name and left her for dead.

When you know all the ways Ra Hee wronged her only daughter, the speech seems to be coming from the writer’s mouth instead of Da Mi’s. Plus, there was not enough relationship development between Da Mi and Ra Hee to make the speech seem genuine or impactful.

Loved: Geum Ra Hee

Ra Hee is not a great character and definitely not a good mother. She had known about K’s crime since the middle of Season 1, yet she still stuck by his side. That’s why seeing her wanting to avenge Da Mi after making her life hell seemed out of character. However, on second thought, this character change fits with the theme of “resurrection.” She has been reborn in this season and has shifted her goals entirely.

Hated: Min Do Hyuk’s newfound intelligence

Min Do Hyuk (Lee Joon), one of the only few likable characters in “The Escape of the Seven,” returns in Season 2. While his character was that of a gangster, he has somehow turned into a top-class hacker now.

In Season 1, there’s a flashback scene where K is told that not only is a gang trying to recruit Do Hyuk for his incredible fighting skills but that he is also a genius who tops every class without even studying a word. But that was years ago when he was only in high school, plus he was never shown doing any hacking before Season 1. So when did he learn it? Did he gain his profound hacking skills while he was in a coma, or when he was recovering in the hospital? It seems quite out of character.

Loved: the possibility of romance

“The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” is a revenge thriller through and through; however, a little romance subplot never hurts anyone. In last week’s episode, K tells Go Myung Ji (Jo Yoon Hee) and Yang Jin Mo (Yoon Jong Hoon) to get married, and they follow his orders. Even though the marriage is fake and exists only to serve K, you cannot help but notice the possibility of a good romance subplot with the close proximity trope, which can add to the fun of the drama.

Hated: Go Myung Ji’s irresponsible parenting

Myung Ji might love her kids more than anything in the world, but she is definitely not the most responsible parent out there. Despite the fact that Myung Ji knows that her and Jin Mo’s new marriage is not real, she gives her kids false hope by saying that they will be getting a father. Kids being kids, they get excited, but even after multiple attempts of getting closer to Jin Mo, he stays distant.

Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs out there, so judging Myung Ji might not be the most humane thing to do. However, if she explains the situation a little bit to her young kids, she can save them from heartbreak. With that being said, with the way Go Erica (Jung Seo Yeon) reminds Jin Mo of Na Han Na (Shim Ji Yoo), it is clear that regardless of the future of this fake marriage, Jin Mo might become a good father figure for Go Erica and Go Phillip (San A).

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