The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” has finally come to an end. After multiple face masks that would put plastic surgery to shame, a few resurrections, and many mind-boggling twists and turns later, the writer of this K-drama, Kim Soon Ok, has given our characters endings they deserved. From Matthew Lee (Uhm Ki Joon) being sent to jail to Yang Jin Mo (Yoon Jong Hoon) and Go Myoung Ji (Hwang Jung Eum) reuniting, here are three satisfying elements that happened in the final episodes of “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection.”

Warning: this feature includes media depicting violence.

Justice has been served

There was more than one person behind Bang Dami’s (Jung Lael’s) murder. While the people who made her life a living hell have been getting punished for their sins one way or another, Matthew Lee, the man who pulled the trigger and ended Bang Dami’s life, remained unbothered for the majority of both seasons. However, that finally changed in the Season 2 finale.

Matthew Lee had been using LUCA, the intelligent technology created by Lee Hwi So (Min Young Ki), to cause harm to others the entire time. He used a technology designed in good conscience to collect data against people and blackmail them for his own gain. But in the end, his weapon was turned against him. In episode 16, Min Do Hyuk (Lee Joon) hacks into LUCA one last time to broadcast Matthew Lee’s crimes to the public, which ultimately leads to his imprisonment.

However, one thing that made Matthew Lee’s ending a little less satisfying was Kang Ki Tak (Yoon Tae Young) shooting him to death. It would have been better to see a time-lapse of 10 or 15 years showing Matthew Lee rotting in jail.

Even though Han Mo Ne (Lee Yu Bi), Jin Mo, Myoung Ji, Cha Ju Ran (Shin Eun Kyung), and Nam Chul Woo (Jo Jae Yun) have all been tormented by Matthew Lee, it would have been unfair if they did not get their fair share of punishment. Thankfully, all of these people, except Nam Chul, confessed their crimes and went to jail. Meanwhile, Nam Chul died while saving Do Hyuk.

Happy endings for everyone

Annoyingly, “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” is one of those shows that makes you empathize with the villains. But seeing the characters go through hell to bring justice to Bang Dami and go to jail for their crimes makes it easier to digest their happy endings.

First of all, Jin Mo is alive! Every time a character has been brought back from the dead, the viewers get a little more annoyed with the unrealistic storyline. However, seeing Jin Mo being resurrected and meeting Myoung Ji was an emotional scene that brought everyone to tears. After the 10-year time jump, both of them are still together with their three kids. What makes their happy ending so emotional is that Jin Mo was an orphan and never had a family of his own, but in the end, he finally got one.

Even though Ju Ran’s lover Nam Chul (who she wanted to spend the rest of her life with) died, her ending was also not entirely terrible. As shown in previous episodes, Ju Ran was pregnant with Nam Chul’s baby. And after the time jump, even though she is still single, she seems happy with her son.

Finally, Han Mo Ne is shown to have become much humbler and still loves her mother the same. Her mother, however, has Alzheimer’s now and has forgotten everything except No Han Na (Shim Ji Yoo). During a hospital visit with her mother, Mo Ne hears some women talking about her criminal past. This scene truly shows the change in Mo Ne’s character. Instead of crying or ignoring the strangers, she accepts that she is the despicable person behind Bang Dami’s death and even apologizes, something the old Mo Ne would never have done.

One thing that everyone might have noticed is how, except for No Paeng Hee (Han Bo Reum), Han Na never called anyone “mother.” Even after living with Jin Mo and Myoung Ji for years, she still addresses them as uncle and aunt. She even calls her biological mother Mo Ne “aunt.” However, at the end of the drama, Han Na hugs Mo Ne and calls her “mother” for the first time ever. There could never be a happier ending than that for Mo Ne. Maybe in the future, she will try to be a good mother, just like how she was a good daughter.

Go Erica and No Han Na’s friendship

Go Erica (Jung Seo Yeon) and Han Na’s relationship has been tense from the first time they saw each other. Erica has never experienced the love of a father, so when her mother tells her about getting a new father, she is beyond happy. However, before she could even get closer to her new father Jin Mo, Han Na came into their lives. Jin Mo, who already knew Han Na through No Paeng Hee, gets closer to her while not paying much attention to Erica as he thinks this marriage will not last anyway. This action causes the young Erica to feel abandoned, and she starts hating Han Na. However, during the last few episodes, both girls become close friends, and their friendship is still strong after 10 years.

Now in their teen years, Han Na gets bullied by some school girls who tease her for having no mother, and Erica comes to her rescue. As we all know, the entire drama started with Bang Dami getting bullied, so adding a scene that shows Han Na being protected is an impactful addition.

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