One of the most interesting narrative lines in the horror genre is the zombie apocalypse. And probably, South Korean production houses also master this genre. Korean television has offered some popular works since the film Train to Busan. The jumps, the slowly advancing undead, the frightening sounds and strange looks are enough to keep viewers on their toes. Here are 4 new K-dramas with zombie themes:

1- Happiness

3 K-dramas and 1 Korean reality TV show that revolve around the theme “zombies” on Netflix K-Sélection

Happiness could be considered one of the most gripping storylines in zombie K-dramas. The title of the K-drama goes completely against the story. It revolves around the chaos caused by the drug called “NEXT”, which causes the Lytta virus (crazy person’s disease). Amidst the whole pandemic situation, one of the main characters, Jung Yi-Hyun (Park Hyung-Sik), gets infected. How his partner, Yoon Sae-Bom (Han Hyo-Joo), helps him and others by donating his blood, which mysteriously acts as an antidote, forms the plot of the drama. This thrilling experience keeps the audience in suspense. The story also delves deep into the emotions of the characters.

2- All of Us Are Dead

All of Us Are Dead netflix release

One of the exciting zombie K-dramas is All of Us Are Dead. The plot revolves around a science experiment that goes wrong, leading to a zombie outbreak at a school. This affects most students. However, among them, a few teenagers band together to fight the zombies. This K-drama shows a good balance between horror and drama. The drama addresses a love aspect between a few characters, leaving the audience hoping for a better future. It stars Park Solomon, Park Ji-Hu, Yoon Chan-Young, and Cho Yi-Hyun. The K-drama is now gearing up for its second season. This is a Netflix original series.

3- Sweet Home

sweet home netflix

Sweet Home is not a simple zombie K-drama. The story revolves around Cha Hyun-Su (Song Kang), who finds himself confined to his new apartment when a zombie apocalypse breaks out. These zombies are not your average hungry undead; they possess powers and can surpass humans. However, Hyun-Su becomes the main target, and Sweet Home season 2 shows how he saves the residents of this apartment from other zombies. Sweet Home will soon debut a third season.

4- Zombieverse

3 K-dramas and 1 Korean reality TV show that revolve around the theme “zombies” on Netflix K-Sélection

In Zombieverse, real people come together to participate in a survival game. The show features a series of missions in Seoul, South Korea, but outbreaks of the zombie apocalypse break out in the city. Now the participants must complete the mission and run for their lives. This thrilling reality show is worth watching. It is now preparing for a second season, and the casting has already been announced.