Episode 9 starts with Geum Ra Hee’s (Hwang Jung Eum’s) funeral and a question from Min Do Hyuk (Lee Joon): Will you crush your crimes and bloom, or will you crush the flower and commit more crimes?” And it seems the characters choose the former. Here are three character development moments in episodes 9 and 10 of “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” that might change the entire plot of the story.

Warning: spoilers for episodes 9-10 below!

Go Myoung Ji’s sacrifice

Although Go Myoung Ji (Jo Yoon Hee) is not a perfect mother, she gives her kids false hope of getting a father even though she knows her marriage with Yang Jin Mo (Yoon Jong Hoon) is nothing but a facade. But she loves her kids to death. However, when it comes to No Han Na (Shim Ji Yoo), she becomes the stereotypical stepmother.

However, in last week’s episodes, Myoung Ji’s character changed for good. As episode 9 progresses, we see Myoung Ji softening up to Han Na. After Myoung Ji and Jin Mo get intimate for the first time, she starts fantasizing about a family and even considers adopting Han Na. However, due to the lack of clear intentions behind her sudden change, the character development seems unauthentic. If she’s changing her views about Han Na just for Jin Mo, then is this even true character development, or is she just changing herself to get the affection of the man she desires? The fear turns into reality when, after Jin Mo rejects her advances and even slaps her, she gets furious. Just to hurt Jin Mo, she hands over Han Na to her evil biological father Matthew Lee (Uhm Ki Joon).

Luckily, Myoung Ji comes around, and this time it is not for Jin Mo, but it’s because she realizes she actually cares about Han Na. She goes to pick up Han Na from Matthew Lee’s house and gets shot while trying to free Han Na. Even when she is bleeding to death, she tells herself that she’s content with her decision as she saved Han Na.

The character development and redemption arc are quite similar to that of Ra Hee; both Ra Hee and Myoung Ji gave away their lives for the child they once abandoned. The only difference is that Myoung Ji’s sacrifice gave Han Na a new life, while Ra Hee’s sacrifice will be the reason behind the demise of Bang Da Mi’s (Jung Lael) killer.

Yang Jin Mo’s self doubt

One of the easiest ways to make viewers care about a character is by giving them a love interest; interpersonal relationships always make a character appear more human and can easily garner sympathy from the audience. Another way to achieve the same effect is by showing the character caring for a child. Both of these tactics have been intentionally or unintentionally used for Jin Mo since Season 1.

Jin Mo has been undergoing slow and steady character development since the very beginning. As he is shown to be romantically interested in No Paeng Hee (Han Bo Reum) and genuinely cares for her adopted daughter Han Na, he never comes off as evil like the other characters.

The creators have taken the character development one step further in Season 2, and he has even started to care about Myoung Ji. However, after spending a night with her, he starts to doubt himself if he is even worthy of happiness and having a family. This hesitation shows true character development because an evil person usually does not question if they deserve to be happy or not.

Han Mon Ne’s care for her mom

Han Mo Ne (Lee Yoo Bi) is a character who has been oscillating between good and evil throughout the show. However, after getting to know her more in the recent episodes, it is clear that every evil act she has committed from the start has been for her survival. Yes, just like every other character on this list, Mo Ne’s desire for survival and a better life does not justify her ruining Da Mi’s life. However, she is far better than Matthew Lee and Hwang Chan Sung (Lee Jung Shin), who do evil for the sake of evil and for the satisfaction they derive from it.

Unlike Myoung Ji and Jin Mo, Mo Ne’s character development is quite subtle, but the aspect about her that makes her appear more human is her love for her mother. Throughout Season 2, but especially in this week’s episodes, she is constantly trying to figure out the whereabouts of her mother. Despite Chan Sung physically abusing Mo Ne, she pretends to love him just to keep her mother safe. Not only that, but Mo Ne shows that she cares for Han Na. With Paeng Hee and Myoung Ji dead, perhaps Mo Ne can become a real mother figure to Han Na. Only next week will show us more!

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