Viki was around long before Netflix entered the world of K-dramas. Established in 2007, Viki already had a small number of drama fans and with the growing number of viewers around the world succumbing more and more to the charm of these Korean dramas, Viki remains the leader. The streaming platform continues to grow and opens up to a wider audience after its acquisition by Rakuten in 2013.

With over 1 Korean TV series and over 000 Korean movies, Viki currently offers the largest selection of Korean content available on a mainstream platform. In terms of subscribers, however, Viki remains far behind Netflix, and many K-drama fans have never even heard of this incredible streaming service which nevertheless has access to hundreds of exclusive titles, including the big hit “ Reborn Rich,” featuring Song Joong-ki, and “My Dearest,” which recently topped the Korean charts and features an epic love story inspired by “Gone with the Wind.” The collection also includes classics like “Giant,” an epic 200-episode drama that takes you back to the ’60s and ’70s as Gangnam is being imagined and created.

Long story short, Viki is a go-to platform for Korean content lovers and for those considering subscribing, there is currently no limit to the number of devices that can be connected to the same account, meaning that it is theoretically possible to share with friends or family members. However, it is not possible to create separate profiles, unlike Netflix or Hulu.

10 streaming Kdramas not to be missed K-Sélection

We have selected for you the 10 best K-dramas to watch on Viki. Enjoy!

  • Connection (2024): 8.2

10 streaming Kdramas not to be missed K-Sélection

After ten years of service in the Ahnhyeon narcotics unit, Detective Jang Jae Kyung is forced to take a mysterious new drug and although he refuses it, the drug deteriorates his body and mind. Journalist Oh Yoon Jin, a former high school acquaintance who witnessed the death of a man following an overdose, finds himself involved in Jae Kyung’s investigation. Suspicion then falls on Won Jong Soo, vice-president of the Geumhyung group, and Park Jun Seo, a prominent prosecutor.

Jae Kyung and Yoon Jin’s bond crumbles as a $50 million conspiracy unfolds. Driven by revenge, Jae Kyung prepares to confront the elusive drug lord. The question then becomes who will emerge victorious from the affair.

  • My Dearest (2023): 8.8

My Dearest 2

The period drama “My Dearest” has become one of the most popular dramas of 2023. Set in the mid-17th century, the drama depicts a dark period in Korean history when the country is held hostage between two warring Chinese dynasties, the Ming and the Qing.

A handsome playboy who seems to live without purpose or desire, Jang Hyun is a cold-hearted man who is not interested in anyone until he meets Gil Chae. The latter is charming and admired by everyone, although her true love, Yeon Jun, is already engaged to Eun Ae who is her best friend. Tradition doesn’t allow Yeon Jun to break off his engagement, even if he has to fight his feelings for Gil Chae. Eun Ae, unaware of what is going on around her, suspects nothing and feels no resentment towards the two young people.

Do you feel like these characters remind you of Rhett Butler, Scarlett O’Hara and the others? The reason is that the author was inspired by the book “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mead. However, “My Dearest,” which begins as a rather silly copy of the original epic book and film, takes a turn along the way and becomes a rare and beautiful love story for the ages, one that Rhett Butler doesn’t like. could only have dreamed.

  • The Red Sleeve (2021): 8.8

The Red Sleeve bed scene

The story of Yi San (Lee Junho), a young introverted prince who loves perfection, takes place in the first half of the 18th century in Korea. He is haunted by his father’s assassination, although he is able to ascend the throne upon the death of his cruel and ruthless grandfather, who is currently in power and is responsible for his father’s death . Despite his resolve to become a benevolent monarch who will reform the law when he ascends the throne, the death of his father continues to haunt him.

It is then at the court that he meets a young woman, Sung Deok Im (Lee Se Young), with whom he falls in love and tries to convince her to become his official concubine but the latter has a strong personality and great freedom of mind. Sung Deok Im is also perceptive enough to understand that while becoming the royal consort of the future king is a prestigious role, it is also a role that would restrict his freedom and would hardly constitute a source of happiness. Yi San’s sincere love for Sung Deok Im, however, leads her to understand that a union with him could ultimately benefit her troubled kingdom.

Based on the real-life love story of Korea’s most popular Joseon king, the bittersweet love story “The Red Sleeve” will make you sing and cry.

  • Mr. Queen (2020):8.2

10 streaming Kdramas not to be missed K-Sélection

The story is about a chef (Choi Jin Hyuk) who works his way up to find a job as a cook for the country’s top politicians in the South Korean presidential residence, the Blue House. As dreamy as he is, he one day finds himself in the body of a young Korean queen from the past, Kim So Yong (Shin Hye Sun). Kim So Yong’s husband is the reigning monarch, King Cheol Jong (Kim Jung Hyun) who is king only in name as she is in fact the queen of the late King Sunjo, Sun Won (Bae Jong Ok ), who took advantage of Cheol Jong’s kindness to rule the kingdom in his name.

A period fantasy drama with a light touch, “Mr. Queen” takes full advantage of the many comedic opportunities that can be found in the main character’s gender transformation and in the misadventures that can arise while traveling in the weather.

  • What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (2018):8.5

10 streaming Kdramas not to be missed K-Sélection

He may be the vice president of the successful family business, but Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) doesn’t have what it takes to do a good job. Indeed, it’s been nine years since his incredibly talented secretary, Kim Mi So (Park Min Young), made him feel like the shining star Young Joon believes he is. It’s then when Mi So suddenly decides to resign that her arrogant boss realizes he can’t live without her. Having unwittingly shared a traumatic childhood experience, the couple comes to understand that perhaps they are meant for each other, ultimately.

The jealousy of Young Joon’s older brother, Lee Sung Yeon (Lee Tae Hwan), and his growing relationship with Kim Mi So, make the boastful executive decide to win back his secretary at all costs.

  • Dr. Romantic (2016): 8.7 and Dr. Romantic 2 (2020): 8.7

10 streaming Kdramas not to be missed K-Sélection

A K-drama à la Grey’s Anatomy, the series “Dr. Romantic” is a medical drama full of suspense and compassion which features Kim Sa Bu (Han Suk Kyu) who exceptionally treats the physical and emotional pain of his patients while mentoring recent medical school graduates.

  • Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (2016):8

10 streaming Kdramas not to be missed K-Sélection

Comprised of talented stars and new actors, including Park Seo Jun and BTS’ V, “Hwarang” is a historical K-drama that depicts the lives of the Hwarang, a group of elite warriors from the Silla dynasty (57 BC). CE – 935 CE), trained to protect their king and country. The ranks of the Hwarang, however, are not so uniform because while some seek revenge, others want to hide from their enemies and still others aim for the throne.

  • She Was Pretty (2015): 8.0

10 streaming Kdramas not to be missed K-Sélection

Once pretty and popular, an intern at a Korean fashion company, now struggling and insecure, reunites with her childhood best friend and pen pal. As luck would have it, his once chubby childhood friend is now an attractive and successful editor-in-chief at his fashion magazine. Instead of going to meet him, she asks a beautiful friend to pretend to be her. After years of writing to each other, the question is how long will it be before her handsome friend discovers the truth?

  • Secret Garden (2010): 8.2

10 streaming Kdramas not to be missed K-Sélection

Wishing to become a firefighter like his father, Ra Im gave up on this dream after his father was killed in a fire. That’s when she ran into Jong Soo, the action director, at a filming site while working part-time on the set. Since then, she has worked as a stuntwoman while hoping to become the first female action director.

Grumpy and hysterical, Ju Won is a department store owner who dislikes romantic relationships and believes that a marriage of convenience is the best form of romance. One day, their souls find themselves swapped, which causes many unexpected incidents and only then do they begin a journey in search of their true identity. The two fight to get their bodies back, but they mature and their romance blossoms.

  • Jewel in the Palace (2003): 8.7

10 streaming Kdramas not to be missed K-Sélection

One of the most-watched K-dramas of all time, “Jewel in the Crown” is set in mid-18th century Joseon, a time when women had little influence in society. Based on the true story of Jang Geum, the first female doctor of the Joseon Dynasty, this drama tells the story of an orphaned cook who strives to learn the secrets of Korean cuisine and medicine, subsequently becoming the king’s personal physician. Let yourself be carried away by this historical tale of perseverance, culture and tradition.

So, among the dramas on this list, which one was your favorite?