Upon its release, Parasyte: The Gray was widely acclaimed by critics and viewers around the world, boasting an impressive 100% audience rating across most platforms. Adapted from the manga “Parasyte” by Hitoshi Iwaaki, it’s a thrilling mix of horror elements, with a strange species, visceral gore and layers of terror that will send chills down your spine to the point where you’ll will stay glued to the screen.

Set against the backdrop of an invasion of parasitic creatures that infiltrate human hosts, “Parasyte” explores the unsettling realm of body horror by delving into the consequences of these otherworldly beings merging with their victims . The resulting plot lingers long after the credits roll, leaving audiences in awe of its haunting imagery and thought-provoking themes. While Parasyte: The Gray continues to be a huge hit on Netflix, fans hungry for suspense have the option to explore a plethora of other series to fill the void. Whether it’s the thrilling horror of “Sweet Home” or the spine-chilling mysteries of “Blood Free,” there’s no shortage of options for those craving suspense and thrilling action.

  • Hellbound

10 K-Dramas Similar to 'Parasyte: The Grey' That You Shouldn't Miss

During this story, we witness the sudden arrival of strange beings who pronounce judgments and send people to hell. It is following these supernatural events that chaos sets in and a religious group called “The New Truth” takes power. Some, however, begin to wonder about this group and their role in these strange events, leading them to dig deeper and investigate.

The beginning of the story is marked by the arrival of these otherworldly beings who shake the world, spreading fear and chaos among the population. Faced with the growing influence of the New Truth, suspicions arise about their true intentions. Determined individuals set out to uncover the truth behind these mysterious events, investigating the group’s activities and their connections to supernatural events.

  • Gyeongseong Creature

Gyeongseong Creature ending explained + season 2

Jang Tae Sang has no shortage of assets and is admired for his looks and knowledge in Bukchon, Gyeongseong. His quick thinking, quick wit, and kindness make people trust him for information. However, his meeting with Yoon Chae Ok turns his life upside down and encourages him to review his priorities.

Known for her talent in finding missing people while also being skilled in survival tactics, such as shooting and weapon handling, which she learned during her travels, Yoon Chae Ok had a childhood difficult while traveling between Manchuria and Shanghai with his father. To find her mother who disappeared ten years ago, Chae Ok goes to Gyeongseong where she crosses paths with Jang Tae Sang. Together they uncover a series of missing persons cases, which leads them to a shocking revelation.

As they delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding the disappearances, Jang Tae Sang and Yoon Chae Ok discover disturbing truths. Their adventure together forces them to confront harsh realities and question their perceptions, which ends up shaping their lives in unexpected ways.

  • Kingdom (2019)

10 K-Dramas Similar to 'Parasyte: The Grey' That You Shouldn't Miss

Rumors about King Joseon spread as soon as he fell ill with smallpox. To make matters worse, the Cho clan, led by State Councilor Cho Hak Joo, accuses the crown prince of treason. Eager for answers, the crown prince and his guard, Moo Young, go in search of the last doctor who treated him, Lee Seung Hui. Their journey takes an unexpected turn, however, when they find themselves in a village affected by a contagious disease, accompanied by assistant doctor Seo Bi and a mysterious man named Young Shin.

As they face the challenges of the village, the crown prince and his companions face danger and mystery. In their quest for truth, they embark on a path strewn with pitfalls and uncertainties, while discovering the mysteries surrounding the king’s illness and the accusations against the crown prince.

  • All Of Us Are Dead

10 K-Dramas Similar to 'Parasyte: The Grey' That You Shouldn't Miss

Faced with the chaos that reigns in the school, the trapped students must unite to survive. They must also demonstrate intelligence and bravery to navigate the dark and scary corridors and hide from the zombies lurking around every corner. Amidst chaos and danger, friendships are tested, teams are formed, and sacrifices are made. It is by relying on each other and on their new strength that the students will manage to make it out alive and defeat the virus before it exterminates them all.

  • Blood Free

10 K-Dramas Similar to 'Parasyte: The Grey' That You Shouldn't Miss

While humans have consumed animal meat for countless years, a new era is dawning with the rise of BF, which now dominates the lab-grown meat market. The direction taken by BF CEO Yoon Ja Yoo, however, raises doubts among both insiders and the uninitiated. It was with On San, who holds a doctorate in physiology, that Yoon Ja Yoo co-founded BF, but their choices are now being called into question.

It was under these circumstances that Woo Chae Woon abandoned his military career after graduating from the Naval Academy. Now working as a bodyguard, Chae Woon’s journey takes a different turn as he faces the challenges of his new profession. BF’s internal conflicts and Chae Woon’s career change intertwine throughout the story and promise to deliver a suspenseful exploration of ambition, ethics and personal growth.

  • Sweet Home (2020)

10 K-Dramas Similar to 'Parasyte: The Grey' That You Shouldn't Miss

After losing his family, Cha Hyun Soo moves into a new apartment to get a fresh start. His quiet life, however, takes a dark turn when strange events start happening, not just in his apartment building, but across the country. The transformation of residents into terrifying monsters plunges Hyun Soo and his neighbors into a fight for survival. In the midst of chaos and anxiety, Hyun Soo finds himself confronted with the monsters lurking in his building and must team up with other residents to repel the monstrous threat. Together, they embark on a harrowing journey to stay alive in a world overrun by unimaginable horrors, calling on their courage and ingenuity to overcome the challenges that come before them.

Following the tragedy that shattered Hyun Soo’s life, he struggles with grief and isolation, finding comfort in the anonymity of his new environment. As strange events multiply, he realizes that he can no longer hide from the chaos that is taking place. His determination to uncover the truth behind the mysterious events and protect those around him therefore drives him to embark on a difficult journey of self-discovery and redemption.

  • Happiness (2021)

10 K-Dramas Similar to 'Parasyte: The Grey' That You Shouldn't Miss

Known for her sharp mind and quick reflexes, Yoon Sae Bom is a skilled special agent who hatches a plan to pretend to marry her high school friend, Jung Yi Hyun in an attempt to secure a spot at a prestigious drug complex. apartments reserved for civil servants. As for Yi Hyun, a detective, he investigates a mysterious illness that is spreading in the city.

Their lives are turned upside down when Han Tae Seok, the head of the team responsible for fighting the epidemic, orders that the apartment complex be isolated from the rest of the city. Trapped within the walls of their apartment building, Sae Bom and Yi Hyun find themselves in an unexpected situation as they must deal with the mysterious illness and the growing tension within the gated complex. Seeking to solve the mysteries surrounding the outbreak, Sae Bom and Yi Hyun form a reluctant partnership, one that forces them to rely on each other’s strengths to survive. Amidst the chaos and tension, they confront their own fears and uncertainties, all while striving to uncover the truth behind the sinister events emerging around them.

  • Goodbye Earth

Goodbye Earth

The arrival of an asteroid on Earth plunges the world into a catastrophic situation, risking annihilating the planet within the next 200 days. A wind of panic is sweeping across the world, which must face the grim reality of an imminent catastrophe. Faced with chaos, Jin Se Kyung, a middle school teacher in Woongchun City, decides to quit her job and devote herself to volunteering in the Children and Youth Division of City Hall. The impending disaster pushes her to protect children in need, while reuniting with her longtime boyfriend, Ha Yoon Sang, who rushes back from the United States to join her.

For his part, Woo Sung Jae, an assistant priest in a Catholic church, takes over to fill unexpected roles in the face of the crisis. The sudden disappearance of the priest who presided over the church leads Sung Jae to take charge of the church and offer comfort to the parishioners during difficult times. Likewise, Kang In A, leader of a combat support battalion, works tirelessly to ensure supplies, transportation and security in the ravaged streets of Woongchun City, displaying unwavering dedication in the chaos of impending catastrophe.

  • Dark hole

10 K-Dramas Similar to 'Parasyte: The Grey' That You Shouldn't Miss

It’s a harrowing story in which survivors must confront mutated beings spawned by mysterious black smoke emanating from a chasm. The life of Lee Hwa Sun, a police inspector and one of the survivors, is turned upside down when her husband’s killer calls her to Mujishi, a town overrun by monstrous creatures formed by the same black smoke. While facing her own fears and struggling to capture the murderer, Hwa Sun finds herself fighting not only to survive, but also to turn the page and achieve justice.

It is then that Yoo Tae Han, originally from Mujishi and a former police officer, appears as a beacon of hope in the face of this chaos. Although his past is tainted with irregularities and he resigned from the police, Tae Han remains committed to his sense of duty and justice. As his path crosses with Hwa Sun in Mujishi, he devotes himself to protecting others from imminent danger, embodying bravery and self-sacrifice in the face of adversity. Facing the treacherous landscape of Mujishi, Hwa Sun and Tae Han form an unlikely partnership, driven by a shared determination to survive and protect others.

It is together that they face the horrors unleashed by the black smoke, drawing on their resistance and their inner strength to defeat the monstrous threats that await them at every street corner.

  • Duty After School

10 K-Dramas Similar to 'Parasyte: The Grey' That You Shouldn't Miss

Chaos reigns at Sungjin High School when alien invaders launch an attack, unleashing dangerous insect-like creatures across the world. Amid the South Korean military’s efforts to contain the threat, all third-year high school students are enlisted in mandatory military training, while preparing for crucial university exams. That’s when Lee Chun Ho, the section leader, takes charge, leading his classmates through rigorous training exercises such as rifle shooting and combat, all while wearing their school uniforms.

Teacher Park Eun Young strives to keep her students safe amid chaos and uncertainty. At a time when the fate of the world is at stake, these high school students must rise to the occasion and prove that they are capable of confronting the imminent threat of planetary destruction. Not only are they subjected to military training and academic pressures, but they must also face the weight of their new responsibilities as potential saviors in the face of impending catastrophe.